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November 9, 2007


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The purpose of this news article is not to show artwork depicting the 12 signs of the zodiac, but rather to see aspects and characteristics of each sign in photography. This wasn’t made to be read so the reader could disagree with what each sign is meant to be about, but rather, each photograph represents what each star sign is about. This is not a debate for or against astrology, but a study of the different concepts.

| Contains Mature Content|

Early beliefs were that earth reflected the movements of the heavens above. Therefore, it was thought that mythical beasts on earth were also represented in the sky.

Aries Zodimotes - Aries by criz
In mythology, Aries is associated with the Greek myth of the ram which carried Athamas's son Phrixus and daughter Helle to Colchis to escape their stepmother Ino. Aries is also associated with the mythological figure of Theseus, from the Greek myth of the Minotaur.

Aries is said to be the natural ruler of the first house of astrology, called the "House of Self." The First House is associated with self and personal appearance; how an individual wants to appear outwardly (which may or may not be consistent with the inner self).

In astrology Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, and is a fire sign. The symbol for Aries is… which is said to represent the horns of the ram. The corresponding body part for Aries is therefore the eyes and eyebrows. Arians are said to have beautiful eyebrows, eyes and noses; almost as though the symbol for Aries was drawn on their face.

Eyes by 121an Bluest Eyes by ElementalCoco Her Eyes by 7th-Heaven-Creative Beautiful eyes by m00nky when your eyes are smiling .. by suk0shi-hamu cat eyes by sigpras :thumb36892251: Maria by FrosinaIlievska :thumb58786100: :thumb60960530: Mysterious eyes by Ciril Deeper by Bubble-bum :thumb63044126: :thumb58141762: Emerald Eyes by lingk99 The ocean in her eyes by DanaPeper Brown Eyes by ManderBat :thumb32578550: :thumb39171593: :thumb34653444: say hello. by thephotogenesis :thumb29186862: :thumb37188340: jessica by Sebasket Camila 6 by MrVERTIGO :thumb66010768: Melei's Eyes by Ozphotoguy eyes by PRETEND3R

Taurus Zodimotes - Taurus by criz
In mythology Taurus is often associated with the Greek myth of the bull-form taken by Zeus in order to win Europa. Taurus is also associated with the Greco-Roman goddess Aphrodite/Venus.

Taurus is the ruler of the Second House of the Zodiac, referred to as the "House of Material Possessions". This is the things and qualities that a person treasures, cherishes and enjoys; the area of life's simple pleasures, and as its luxuries.

In astrology Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, and is an Earth sign. The symbol for Taurus is… which is said to represent the face and horns of the bull. The corresponding body part for Taurus is the neck, as the glyph is thought to represent the chin and Adam's apple of the neck. Taureans are said to be prone to indulgence, and often sensual.

:thumb27896984: :thumb57866153: :thumb20592672: Necklace by im4candee :thumb29780735: Sensual Places by vbubnov neck by lafaette sugar by bittersweetvenom Sylvia, sexy neck, 555 by photoscot sexy by softreply :thumb18756239: neck n lipz by FatalFoes Erato by thiefOT The Claw by TOUCH41 Fascination by evilglamour :thumb31004596: Braided :waterfall: by azmeos :thumb26399425: :thumb12990845: HowYouFeel ..::Everything::.. by blondee Touch by thesescarz Touch on Neck II by angie6969 :thumb55645647: If these lips could talk by Shraka :thumb63741643: i miss by tomato-cakes :thumb64493063: flesh by Spaceache

Gemini Zodimotes - Gemini by criz
Gemini is associated with the Greek myth of Kastor and Pollux and with the twins Romulus and Remus, who in mythology were thought to have founded Rome. Gemini is also associated with the Greek twins Apollo and Artemis.

Gemini is said to be the natural ruler of the third house of astrology, called the "House of Communication". This is the house that is about communicating perceptions to others and dealing with siblings.

In astrology Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, and is an Air sign. The symbol of Gemini is… which is said to represent the Roman numeral two, pillars of knowledge, twins, choices and division. The corresponding body parts are the upper arms. Gemini personality is said to have two sides to it, as the twins represented by Gemini are different.

Twins of Evil by ladymorgana Twins by ulorinvex the twins in colour by andrewfphoto The Twins On A Rainy Day by visceral :thumb48185424: twins. by uglyappleblossom Two of a Kind by girltripped :thumb52340182: Twins by Aiae Twins by BobbityJones :thumb59917465: twins by achtung--achtung :thumb62627097: :thumb39625294: :thumb41920130: twins by Muratkivrak twins by ValeraUch twins by r08 twins. by rooze twins by lauren-rabbit :thumb45218575: :thumb38410499: conjoined twins by The-Dog-Star :thumb45218668: TWINS STORY lll by zquan85 Twins by schteph Twins by lona13 Twins by willow-and-oaks TWINS by archoncry Twins by Bulay

Cancer Zodimotes - Cancer by criz
Cancer is associated with the Greek myth of the Lernaean Hydra, one of The Twelve Labours of Herakles and the mythical figure of Perseus, from the Greek myth of Medusa. Cancer is also associated with the Greco-Roman goddesses Selene/Luna.

Cancer is said to be the ruler of the fourth house of astrology, called the "House of Family and Home". This house is about a person's most deep personal roots, where emotional memories are stored and the place of home.

In astrology Cancer is ruled by the moon, and is a water sign. The symbol of Cancer is… which is said to represent crab's claws held together in protection. The corresponding body parts are the breasts and stomach, particularly the womb. Cancerian personality is said to be very nurturing, mother-loving, emotional and reflective on childhood.

stomach by WarnOutFaces ::love your body:: by freckledmystery peeling by virtuousblunder :thumb64873348: :thumb47556987: Reality by merc1 36 Weeks - Land of Creation by superkev  pregnant woman 01 by kn23 New Life by Shawna-Renee :thumb20566551:  :thumb31004012: Pregnant Nude by toddtaulman :thumb56112000: :thumb24684163: torso.... pregnant by scottchurch Pregnant Woman by lena-malena dont mean theyre not after you by scottchurch E. - c. 05 by Renoux being pregnant by kn23 :thumb57966417: :thumb42969898: :thumb7632205: Maria and Pato - Pregnant 3 by mistero Maria and Pato - Pregnant 1 by mistero Love II by Zuzie 9 months pregnant I by serguei001 Jennifer pregnant by Yorge

Leo Zodimotes - Leo by criz
In mythology Leo is often associated with the Greek myth of the Nemean Lion which was killed by Hercules during one of his twelve labours. Leo is also associated with the Greco-Roman god Apollo.

Leo is said to be the ruler of the fifth house of astrology, the "House of Pleasure". This house is about entertainment, creativity, and bringing joy to others.

In astrology Leo is ruled by the sun and is a fire sign. The symbol for Leo is… which is thought to represent the lion’s tail and spine, or the even the valves of the heart. The corresponding body parts are the heart and back. Leo personality is meant to be the ultimate performer and artist; attention loving and creative.

Painting.. by AndrzejOrlowski Kristi 3 by kimjew famous by maroline :thumb61924801: avignon street performer by clashed The Performer by Kiwi-Up The artist's look by ketis attention by lostinautism Not Used to Attention by Digidrama :thumb40197158: White beard by unplanedlayer :thumb51309774: :thumb63394909: Pyro Gyro by photogoddess street performer - gold by cheshire-kitten key west pier by BrokenBubbles Still in white by hexodam The Artist by IslandJoe Pierre the Artist by Nullermanden Rudolf Heller 1 by magic-medicine French Street Performer by FinalTouch PAINTING by Osukarune Street Performer by SquirtusMaximus Coney Island Performer by magikfoto we named the dog indiana by emohoc :thumb53592904: :thumb32948123:

Virgo Zodimotes - Virgo by criz
In mythology Virgo is also indentified with Persephone, daughter of Demeter (goddess of agriculture and guardian of marriage) and Astraea, the virgin daughter of the god Zeus and the goddess Themis.

Virgo is said to be the ruler of the sixth house, the House of Service, Work and Health. This house signifies health, work, service and care of others and self.

In astrology, Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is an earth sign. The symbol for Virgo is… which is thought to represent the letters “MV” for the Virgin Mary (“Virgo Mary”) or a fertility goddess holding sheaves of wheat or corn. The corresponding body parts are the lower abdomen and the hands. Virgo personality is said to often be meticulous and hardworking.

The Weed by kelc Wind by hyro1 Girl In A Wheat Field by AdamsWife hay is for horses by t-y-l-e-r Belly by pomeranc Corn-Girl II by LiZaFaTe Wheaty Woman 1 by acrazycharade :Magdalena: by vermillionsun Gypsophilia by Trendx11 :thumb61705392: Natural Beauty by Mimizu666 :thumb62300935: Fields of Gold by Cadaverous :thumb57338454: self-inflicted by curlteta Fields Of Gold by p0ison1vy moments by the-faith cowgirl 2 by raven529 the honeyed light by monkeybug Monday sunshine... by WhereDaylightBreaks :thumb35963669: ritratto nel grano1 by gigafrax In the Wheat Fields 2 by milkcarton wheat 2 by seafoodmwg :thumb60492370: :thumb60563775: Wheat Fields by jakegarn Wheat Field by Keltry

Libra Zodimotes - Libra by criz
In mythology Libra is often associated with the Greek Goddess of Justice, Themis,  and the Greek mythological figure of Atalanta.

Libra is said to be the ruler of the seventh house, the "House of Marriage, Partnerships and Open Enemies". This house represents relationships where lessons are learnt about loving of enemies and finding true friends.

In Astrology, Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and is an air sign. The symbol for Libra is… and this represents scales and the setting sun. The corresponding body parts are the lower back, liver and kidneys. Libran personality is said to be very indecisive, charming, and sociable.

:thumb10255458: Handstand by spankmesilly Balance by Joy4life DimMonk - handstand by Loki-88 Handstand by ephemeraladdiction The Balance by Juzma beach handstand 2 by trishthefish Balance by SilverEagle21 Katie's Handstand on the Roof by jessica-lou :thumb49168694: Balance by Treke :thumb36701284: defy gravity with me by nightbecomesday :thumb67418589: Attempts to Handstand by ilikedeviant Balance. by samphoto :thumb56171638: Balance of fears by Sebastianude :thumb59487748: Sunset Balance by LaurenCoakley Tonight guise by baseport A Sense of Balance by seenew :thumb39982869: :thumb62275459: Downside Up by AlfaPhemale Balance? by oans walk the sky by Rock--Angel Gravity. by tupid :thumb66964090:

Scorpio Zodimotes - Scorpio by criz
In mythology Scorpio is associated with Hades, Lord of the Underworld; Orpheus, from the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and the scorpion that killed Orion.

Scorpio is said to be the ruler of the eighth house, the “House of Death and Inheritance”. This house rules the areas in life over we have no control over, sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds.

In astrology, Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto and is a water sign. The symbol for Scorpio is… which represents the legs and tail of the Scorpion, male sexuality, and the upward movement of the soul the journey home. The corresponding body parts are the reproductive organs and bladder. Scorpio personality is thought to be instinctive, often sexual and intensely emotional. Scorpio is thought of as the most complex of the astrological signs.

instinct by eldawand Instinct Blues by retrodiva88 :thumb63557823: Wet murder by lxrichbirdsf instinct... by Lesta never hesitate 2 by suzi9mm Instinct by XrozyX :thumb38959018: :thumb63265259: :thumb21855615: ID_Instinct by saltysyrup :thumb67143553: killer instinct by teruus :thumb59798945: Animal Instinct by RebecaSaray She follows her instinct. by TTamie Animal instinct by deetee Intense by Malach Intense look by Papou :thumb52617252:  :thumb66782041: Contrast by Haunted2424 :thumb34516369: :thumb54501124: A Moment by khyadesigns :thumb65535276: crime by mauank :thumb30200311: :thumb49830704: murder by valentine by imxanxillusion

Sagittarius Zodimotes - Sagittarius by criz

In mythology Sagittarius is often associated with the mythological figure of Chiron, a centaur who taught and tutored various heroes in Greek myth.

Sagittarius is said to be the ruler of the ninth house, the house of Philosophy, Religion and Travel. This house is concerned with foreign cultures, religion, higher education and freedom.

In astrology, Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter and is a fire sign. The symbol for Sagittarius is… which represents the bow and arrow of the centaur. The corresponding body parts are the thighs and hips. Sagittarians are said to have personalities that are concerned with deep thinking and an irresistible urge for unrestrained freedom; reflecting a centaur’s composition of being half tame, half wild.

to become wild . . . by mehmeturgut :thumb48693144: :thumb2628648: :thumb56674955: Wild Is The Wind by larafairie :thumb57925621: WILD by ninazdesign :thumb68215558: :thumb55904480: The Wise Janitor: 03 by cr4sh-z3r0 wild girl by Sivali-Delirium :thumb37593940: :thumb42429462: :thumb65990020: wild wild wild wild side by HealYourself Moment of Zen by alexisrose Wild by JeanGrey Beautifully Studious by alexisrose Wild by Novic :thumb64264398: :thumb38703543: Nerd by jesicamarlen Those partying days by secret-obscenity :thumb45864481: Crazy? by EmilySingSomething :thumb65841307: Animalistic by sammitysams :thumb46739415: Lioness-Closeup by DRGPhotography :thumb55693281:

Capricorn Zodimotes - Capricorn by criz

In mythology, Capricorn is associated with the Greek myth of the goat Amalthea who provided the infant Zeus with milk.

Capricorn is said to be the ruler of the tenth house, the house of Celebrity and Career. This house is about your aims and ambitions, your status in society and your career.

In astrology, Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and is an earth sign. The symbol for Capricorn is… which represents Horns and tail of sea goat, as in medieval times Capricorn was meant to be a water sign. The corresponding body parts are the knees, bones and skin. Capricorn personality is said to be practical, ambitious, serious and strong.

Working was a way to get away by TheColorsOFMyMind The Working Farmer by avotius Working by BlackSnoopy Working by PossesedSmurf working. by madmozele Under Pressure by dskphotography Working? by Wellferine Working on the shelter 2 by guyfromczech Early working bird by farcry77 Working by Belsebumsan Old lady working by DaffodilLament working late by neillwc Working. by muzkabugu Working... by djoule Work and Smile by anthonyasael working by the window by eletrik-man Hard working man by BBilly :thumb60922313: Working hard... by Sinann Working by JACAC :thumb65764586: :thumb48840754: :thumb61267132: :thumb64575864: :thumb60470141: :thumb42641521: :thumb54504249: :thumb8653950: :thumb56157457: :thumb53520190:

Aquarius :thumb30303974:

In mythology, Aquarius is associated with the constellation that was once Ganymede, cupbearer of the gods and considered the ideal for homosexual love in ancient Greek poetry.
Aquarius is the ruler of the eleventh house, the House of Friends. This house is about detached relationships like friends and acquaintances, groups, clubs, societies, and the world at large.

In astrology, Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus and is an air sign. The symbol for Aquarius is… which represents electrically charged water. The corresponding body parts are the calves. In terms of personality Aquarians are said to be very into trends, unusual and inventive; it is said that no two Aquarians are ever alike.

:thumb33557070: :thumb38663334: :thumb34518462: :thumb64426211: :thumb49165320: :thumb27640763: :thumb50409074: :thumb45998928: :thumb49516395: :thumb55898274: :thumb17372463: :thumb50050392: :thumb55619978: :thumb53743208: :thumb40339568: :thumb68566660: :thumb63241572: :thumb18748010: :thumb41488832: :thumb45784765: :thumb19674131: :thumb46913838: :thumb58362222:  :thumb62232228: :thumb28934252: :thumb46069909: :thumb51968882: :thumb55826600: :thumb41370252: :thumb54390198:

Pisces :thumb30304036:
In mythology, Pisces is associated with a Trojan warrior who prayed to Poseidon, and was transformed into two fish and saved the Aphrodite and her son from drowning.

Pisces is the ruler of the twelfth house, the house of Seclusion and Mysticism. This house is about childhood problems, psychic matters, things that are secret, retreat and self-sacrifice.

The symbol for Pisces is… which represents two fish tied together, yet swimming in opposite directions. The corresponding body parts are the feet. In terms of personality Pisceans are said to be very emotional, dreamy, gentle and intuitive.

:thumb53449041: :thumb57133690: :thumb44206194: :thumb48183769: :thumb68935006: :thumb30787938: :thumb50740425: :thumb32537322: :thumb25516387: :thumb66390483: :thumb28173214: :thumb51700548: :thumb3114774: :thumb10866666: :thumb40905227: :thumb33842951: :thumb48098476: :thumb53560124: :thumb29581671: :thumb66144838: :thumb4773917: :thumb58182100: :thumb62186204: :thumb53635253: :thumb61497916: :thumb36451199: :thumb34087286: :thumb66825665: :thumb64859431: :thumb52120974:
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My apologies for sounding like a jaded curmudgeon. I'm sure all the other signs have their own complaints about the way theirs are depicted, but I find myself speaking out about this as an amateur (though not clueless) astrologer, a feminist, and a Cancer woman who's fed up with being seen first as a "future wife and mother" when there are a good number of us who do not want to be moms (myself included) for any number of reasons.

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